[BALMUDA] "Accurate employee attendance records has boosted trust within the team"

  • Industry: Consumer Electronics Distribution and Sales
  • Size: 81 Employees
  • Introduction: Limotech is a Specialized distribution company for lifestyle consumer electronics brands - Balmuda, Vermicular, and Mo-on.
  • Joined Shopl since: 2022.07.01

"With Shopl, we were able to easily manage the attendance of employees, including part-time staff."

– Kwak Jin-yi, Offline Sales Team Manager at Limotech(Balmuda) –

Q. Can you introduce yourself and the team?

Hello, we are Offline Sales Team at Limotech. I am Kwak Jin-yi, the Manager, and this is Jeon Yo-han and Kim Hyun-seok, Team Leaders.

Limotech is a specialized company distributing lifestyle consumer electronics, including well-known brands like Balmuda, Vermicular, and mo-on. We're the exclusive Balmuda distributor in Korea, responsible for import, distribution, and sales nationwide.

About a decade before Balmuda became as well-known as it is now, the founder (and current CEO) first introduced Balmuda's now-famous electronic fan. Back then, nobody thought of importing fans from Japan... but it was a big success! Now we've expanded business to other electronics too.

I've been working in sales support, and Team Leaders were responsible for employee and store management at major retail brands & department stores. So our offline sales team consists of members with diverse experiences in store and workforce management.

Q. What is Balmuda Offline Sales Team's role?

After the rise of online shopping due to COVID-19, our online sales have been growing. Nontheless, as an offline sales team, we need to pay close attention to the stores and employees who interact with customers on the front lines.

In our team, we have not only quantitative goals such as improving revenue but also qualitative goals to properly introduce our brand to customers.

We often check the status of the stores and pay more attention when new products are released. Even though we are a sales team, we also handle workforce management, including personnel deployment at stores.

Q. What was the most challenging aspect of managing retail stores?

While Balmuda doesn't operate as many stores as other consumer electronics brands, we are present in major department stores in various regions, including Seoul. We make efforts to convey the values and messages important to the brand to customers.

To establish strong branding, we needed to pay attention to both the services provided by the employees who directly interact with customers at the front lines and their attendance.

Even in situations where we couldn't visit the stores, Shopl's attendance verification system allowed us to accurately track employee work history and status, which greatly aided in attendance management.

Q. Since using Shopl, what has changed the most?

Firstly, we're able to manage the work attendance clearly and systematically. From when an employee arrives and leaves, to managing their schedules, all can be done through Shopl, making it much more convenient.

Requests for sick leave, and personal leave that employees used to just informed us manually, are now processed through Shopl. This simple approval process has made our lives much easier.

By minimizing unnecessary communication regarding schedules, we were able to allocate more time to other important tasks.

"We could quickly contact those who arrived at work with the real-time work status dashboard."

– Jeon Yo-han, Offline Sales Team Leader at Limotech (Balmuda) –

Q. What Shopl feature are you most satisfied with?

# Check-in/out # Employee Mgmt # Time-off Mgmt

As mentioned earlier, the most satisfying aspect is the management of employee time & schedule. I would like to recommend these two features.

1. Real-time monitoring of store employee work status

⛔️ Unknown working status and cumbersome schedule management

Previously, we collected manual signatures from employees for their work attendance records by visiting the stores. We verified the working hours, had the manager sign off as proof, and manually input the data to excel.

With many part-time staff, managing attendance manually raised concerns about the credibility of the records.

Furthermore, employee schedules were managed using Evernote, with a sheet format similar to Excel. Whenever managers had other duties or took leave, they had to manually update the sheets to reflect the changes in schedules.

Keeping records of my commute and managing team's schedule was necessary but often felt cumbersome and time-consuming.

✅ Real-time attendance and simple schedule mgmt

Now, we only need to check the Shopl dashboard when we arrive. This allows us to quickly see who is working and who is on leave today. Accurate records of where and at what time employees clocked in are useful to team leaders.

When the need arises for communication within the store, we can check the dashboard and contact only those who are at work. Unless it's an urgent issue from the headquarters, we avoid contacting employees on leave.

Creating schedules is much simpler now. We've set up templates for different work types, and we only need to apply them, eliminating the need to repeatedly copy and modify the formats.

2. Convenient leave mgmt, including half-days, monthly, and annual leave

⛔️ Cumbersome leave approval process and repetitive communication

Previously, when store employees wanted to take half-days, monthly leave, or annual leave, they would notify me through Slack, and I would manually update the schedule sheet.

Communicating with each employee and transferring data to templates for modifications was truly a cumbersome task. Leave types requiring proof documents, such as parental leave and reserve forces leave, also added the complexity of file exchange and management.

✅ Effortless leave application and simplified approval process

Now, we only need to set the types of leave suitable for the company. Employees can request their desired leave without the need to contact me directly, and I only need to approve the leave through Shopl.


For leave types requiring proof documents, you can set up advanced submission, so I don't need to contact the employee for additional information.

Once I review and approve the leave, the employee's schedule is automatically updated, eliminating the need for extra modifications on my part. This has simplified the leave process significantly.

"Shopl made attendance and leave mgmt easier for 80 employees."

– Kim Hyun-seok, Offline Sales Team Leader at Limotech (Balmuda) –


If you want to manage staffing more systematically and communicate accurately, why not starting with Shopl!

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