[LIVART] Managing Dozens of Furniture Showrooms Remotely: How It's Done

  • IndustryWood Furniture Manufacturing and Sales
  • Size: 808 employees
  • Introduction: Interior design company offering domestic and international kitchen, bath, building materials, and premium home furnishing
  • Joined Shopl since: 2021.03.01

"Thanks to Shopl, I was able to monitor the status and service levels of our stores without physically visiting them."

Kim Sang-gi, Education in Charge, Hyundai LIVART

Q. Can you introduce yourself and the team?

Hello, I'm Kim Sang-gi, responsible for the education part in Hyundai LIVART's Business Support Division.

Q.  What tasks do you primarily handle in Hyundai LIVART's Business Support Team?

I'm mainly involved in managing various channels and store employees.

Although the scope of my responsibilities has expanded, I'm responsible for the overall management of the personnel at each sales point. With the broader scope, I handle everything from customer service to the education of store employees.

Due to our wider range of tasks, I'm mainly focused on organizing educational content, planning programs, and even coordinating actual instructors to conduct training sessions for store employees.

For example, we provide basic training to newly hired employees to acquire the necessary skills and knowledge.

As a company with a strong emphasis on systematically nurturing salespeople and service employees, especially in Hyundai department stores, we strive to maintain high-quality customer service.

Q. 매장과 현장 직원을 관리하면서 가장 어려운 점이 무엇이었나요?

First of all, we have almost 680 stores nationwide. Managing all these stores with only headquarters' resources was not easy. Since each sales representative is responsible for multiple stores, it was difficult to physically visit each store every day, especially in distant regions, which affected efficiency.

While it was easier to manage stores in the metropolitan area, the efficiency decreased significantly in remote areas due to the longer travel distances.

Ensuring consistent quality across numerous franchise stores, including directly managed stores, required effective communication and education, which was practically challenging.

Using regular messaging apps like KakaoTalk made it difficult to manage files and track whether store employees had properly acknowledged the content. It was clear that general messengers had limitations when it came to business purposes.

Q. Since using Shopl, what has changed the most?

Undoubtedly, communication with stores became clearer, and store management became more efficient.

With Shopl, we could communicate education-related schedules and announcements to stores along with relevant materials. This allowed us to keep track of who had checked the information. We also communicated with store employees using comments for any related questions.

Having a record of such communication was convenient for future reference, and it streamlined our task management.

Q. What Shopl feature are you most satisfied with?

# Report # Issue&Resolve

We're using Shopl's communication features extensively. It allows us to easily convey important notices and schedules from headquarters to the stores, and vice versa, facilitating two-way communication.

Especially in franchise businesses where communication with stores is crucial, Shopl's features are highly beneficial. We are particularly satisfied with the report and issues & solutions features.

1. Daily Monitoring of Store Employee and Service Status

⛔️ Difficulties in Store Service Status Check

Previously, we only provided materials such as customer service guides and operation guides to stores. However, we couldn't be sure whether these were followed.

It was challenging to precisely understand the situation without physically visiting each store. As we value service education at LIVART, confirming whether the instructions were being followed properly in the stores proved to be difficult.

Additionally, when communicating with store managers and supervisors using KakaoTalk, it was difficult to manage files related to work or to track these materials effectively.

✅ Able to Monitor Store Hygiene and Service Status Without Visiting

After using Shopl, we could easily receive reports on store conditions. Particularly, the ability to attach photos to the report made it possible to assess the state of each store using pictures taken on the same day.

We could attach pictures while conducting daily checks, including internal assessments like entrances, desks, display areas, and elevators, as well as external assessments like parking spaces and outdoor displays.

Furthermore, we could use the report's completion rate and the store's status statistics to identify problematic stores.

2. Swiftly Reporting and Resolving On-Site Issues

⛔️ Difficulties in Identifying On-Site Issues

In our case, issues such as damages to furniture or inaccuracies in pricing occurred.

In the past, communicating such on-site issues through messaging or phone calls made it challenging to understand the exact problem and maintain proper records.

✅ Able to Accurately Identify and Quickly Resolve Store or Product Issues

Using Shopl's Issues & Resolve board, we could swiftly address on-site issues.

For instance, when there was damage or a defect in displayed furniture, the store could register the issue along with pictures. This alerted administrators, who could then evaluate and take necessary actions.

If it was something the on-site staff could handle, they would input the solution and change the status to resolved. This allowed administrators to track the history of issues and solutions.

The Issues & Resolve board enhanced our communication clarity.

"By using Shopl to monitor store conditions and manage issues, we were able to maintain our stores' quality."

– Kim Sang-gi, Education in Charge, Hyundai LIVART –

Today, we introduced Hyundai LIVART's case of using Shopl to manage and improve store quality.

If you wish for clearer and more systematic communication with your stores, consider starting with Shopl.

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