Collaboration(& Management) tool for Hotel On-site teams

Hotels and resorts are typical workplaces where large numbers of employees work together. Due to the high level of communication and task sharing involved, efficient collaboration is crucial for improving the efficiency of hotel and resort operations. To address this, many hotels and resorts have been adopting collaboration tools.

So, let's explore the criteria for selecting collaboration tools that are suitable for hotels and resorts among the numerous options available.

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Is the tool accessible to all hotel and resort employees in real-time?

Hotel and resort employees usually have different working hours and locations. They work in shifts, and employees are scattered across different floors and buildings. As a result, there is a tendency to rely on traditional communication methods such as memos, phone calls, and verbal instructions.

Managers often need to be present on-site to understand the current hotel situation. This leads to inefficient workflow management, and when they’re absent, work processes can become slow or even halt.

To address this, collaboration tools should be accessible to all employees regardless of their location. Especially in hotels and resorts, where employees spend more time on-site managing rooms and guests than sitting in front of a computer, it is essential to choose a collaboration tool that allows them to perform all tasks using their smartphones.

By conducting all hotel and resort tasks through smartphones, productivity and operational efficiency can be increased. Being able to monitor hotel issues and track any missed tasks from anywhere at any time significantly reduces the frequency of miscommunication. A single collaboration tool that enables comprehensive task management can contribute to improving hotel operations.

Does it have essential features for task management?

The second criterion is whether the collaboration tool is optimized for on-site task management in hotels and resorts. Most collaboration tools primarily focus on office-based functions, so it is crucial to review whether the tool includes features tailored for on-site operations.

Below are key features to consider when implementing collaboration tools:

1. Communication

Features such as memo boards or chat functions in the format of social media, including notes, mentions, and comments, facilitate fast communication and collaboration among teams. It should allow real-time issue reporting and task updates, even if team members are not physically in the same location. Managers should be able to communicate with employees in real-time.

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Shopl’s Posting Board and Messenger Features in Use

2.Task Management

The tool should enable managers to assign tasks to employees and review their progress in real-time, ensuring that employees complete their tasks promptly. As room and facility management play a crucial role in hotels and resorts, result evaluation features are necessary to maintain high guest satisfaction.

Shopl’s To-do Feature in Use

3. Notices/Alerts

Delivering work-related notifications to employees is essential in any industry. When there are critical announcements, they should be quickly distributed to all employees. Therefore, when selecting a collaboration tool, it is important to consider whether it supports notice/alert features to prevent mistakes like missing deadlines.

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We have discussed the criteria for selecting collaboration tools suitable for hotels and resorts. If you are also considering one for your business, why not trying Shopl, optimized tool for frontline team management?

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